Relatable: Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know

This song is literally so sexy. Honestly, I think that the beat and the vibe set the perfect mood for sex. Every time I hear this song I imagine it being the backdrop to a sex scene in a movie or a TV show. It just seems appropriate. I can just picture how incredibly hot the scene would be.

But upon actually listening to the lyrics of the song, it goes much deeper than just sex. It’s like a strong ballad made for those of us who have been in love before and had our hearts broken to pieces yet we still go back looking for more. It’s like people become a drug to us and even though they hurt us we still have the hope that things might change and that the next time will be different. False hope can truly get a person higher than any dope.

This song speaks of the struggle of a seemingly unrequited love or a love that once was but is there no longer. It is a battle of love and lust where all you really want to do is be with the person but you have no idea whether they feel the same or not. That’s the worst feeling. You don’t know whether the feelings are one sided or if the person ever really cared for you as much as you did for them. Being the one to always pick up the phone first or being the first to send a text gets really frustrating and discouraging. Yet you know that you keep crawling back to that person because you still want them in your life.

The song makes me feel so many mixed emotions. When I really think about it, I don’t know if I want to smile or frown, laugh or cry, or just go have sex. It’s like the song takes me through ups and downs but it always manages to get me thinking of sex just because I think the beat is so rugged and seductive; provocative even. It’s truly amazing how one song can make you feel so many things. That’s what I call good music.



In My Generation

In my generation, guys aren’t the type to put in the effort
Once they get a no they move on to the next.
In my generation, guys will ask girls what they want in a man
Only to pretend to be that to get what they want and leave.
In my generation, guys always look for the easy way
Out or should I say in.
In my generation, guys have no manners
Outright rude is what they are at times.

But they are not the only ones to blame.

In my generation, girls make themselves too easy and available
Offering themselves to guys when they’re drunk.
In my generation, girls have taken a guy-like mentality
Obviously not caring about a count.
In my generation, some girls aren’t even thinking about commitment
Only wondering who they’ll go home with that night.

In my generation, girls are called thots and sluts and hoes
On the other hand guys are just being guys.
In my generation, girls are judged harshly
Outrageously and unfairly.
In my generation, guys always have the benefit of choice
Only to leave the good girl for the lay of the night.

In my generation, standards are not fair
Ongoing issue in which society is to blame.
In my generation, nothing is ever thought through
Opaque is the vision of its members.
In my generation, care is not a word used and meant often
Opportunists are those who use it the most.

My generation is all about fun, being carefree, and doing whatever you want whenever you want. But that comes at a price. We still have a lot to learn.

Why Do Guys Hate Commitment?



*Excuse me while I rant for a moment.

boys ugh

While I was at work the other day, I overheard two of my co-workers talking about one of their friends and his relationship issues.  Apparently this guy started exclusively dating a girl after just 5 days of knowing each other, and two weeks later, “he doesn’t feel like he wants to do it anymore.”  Um, I’m sorry, what?  Why do guys do that?  Why do they get themselves into “relationships” and “commit” and then all of a sudden bail on us?

sucky person

I’ve dealt with the idiocy of many, many boys and I swear that it only gets worse as they get older.  They never know what they want, but then they bitch at us and claim that we’re the hard ones to deal with.  Yes, sometimes us ladies are complicated.  We can go from crying, to pissed off, to loving, to just wanting…

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The Beginning

You know that feeling you get when you first start talking to someone and everything they say makes you smile and as soon as you hear their name you get butterflies in your stomach and kind of start to blush? Isn’t it like the best feeling ever?

Everything is so new and you’re excited to learn everything about that person. You want to know what they like, what they dislike, what makes them angry, what makes them smile. Everything. You want to figure out the way they think so that you can anticipate their next move and have the upper hand or just be able to give them something to be happy about. You pretty much do everything in your power to get to know that person on a deeper level when you’re interested.

The beginning of something new is always so nice; because it’s new. There are so many what ifs that you are free to fantasize as you please and create the best situations possible in your head. But that can lead to dangerous territory because you may fantasize something that is unrealistic. But when you have something new that is seemingly too good to be true you kind of tend to try to find a fault in it. Life has taught us that there is nothing perfect in this world, so your seemingly perfect new relationship, acquaintance, attraction, or whatever you want to call it cannot really be that perfect.

That leads us to worry and to speculate about what could possibly be wrong with the situation or the person. You feel the need to analyze it all to figure out it’s weak spot. But you have to learn to let that go. Live in the moment. Enjoy this new-found happiness. Allow yourself to revel in it. There’s no harm in enjoying what’s in front of you. Stop thinking about the future or where it may lead or even what could happen next. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show; because if that person is making you feel as giddy as I imagine, the show will be one worth watching. Except you won’t be watching, you’ll be living through the excitement then replaying it in your head like a little schoolgirl later (c’mon, you can’t deny that).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting yourself feel happy about someone’s company or allowing someone to make you smile no matter what your relationship past is like. Some people may have a hard time believing that what others say to them is genuine because of prior experiences, but you should not let prior, now irrelevant relationships dictate the direction of your new one.

You’ll regret not having given it a shot more than you will regret anything you may do with that person. At least if you do what you please you can know that you were living in the moment and won’t look back on your life going “what if.” That’s the worst.

So enjoy the new feelings. Enjoy the smiles. Enjoy the laughs. But most of all, enjoy the moment.

What Athletes Bring To The Table

Okay, so as a girl I’m obviously going to be into attractive guys. And what’s better than a cute guy with muscles who looks good in a suit?

I seem to be naturally attracted to athletes, but not because they’re athletes, but because of what being athletic brings to the table. Being an athlete takes time, discipline, dedication, and so much more. Athletes are committed. They have schedules they know they must follow in order to be successful and what makes them sexy is that they have that drive to succeed and keep going. They can juggle multiple things at once because learning how to is an absolute necessity.

Here are a few of the qualities that I think make athletes so attractive:

  1. Drive – Athletes have a natural drive to succeed. They strive to get better at their craft each and every day, never satisfied with the prior performance. That kind of drive is sexy as hell.
  2. Discipline – Athletes must exercise discipline when it comes to workout plans and eating habits as well as timeliness to go along with the drive. Discipline is something everyone should have, but athletes seem to have mastered the skill.
  3. Competitiveness – This is a must in the athletic world. It can be very attractive to see someone so intent on beating someone else and proving they are superior when it’s not overdone.
  4. Self-Confidence – Athletes have self-confidence. They have faith in their capabilities and they know that they can excel in their craft. Not being cocky, but confident instead is an absolutely great quality.
  5. Aggressiveness – I don’t even think this one needs an explanation. I get giddy with excitement every time I’m watching a football game and just see the guys pounding into each other and making beastly faces full of passion for the sport. It’s enough to keep anyone entertained.
  6. Focus – Athletes must have focus. They set goals for themselves that they work hard to achieve. I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a focused man who knows what he wants and is ready and willing to work to get it.
  7. Commitment – Athletes have to be committed to their craft. They have to dedicate a lot of time to becoming their best selves. It’s also great knowing that someone isn’t afraid of commitment and has the ability to actually stay focused.
  8. Time Management – Dominating time management is essential for athletes. They are constantly on a schedule since they know they have a lot of duties to fulfill. Being organized and timely are definitely attractive.
  9. Adaptability – Athletes must be flexible and have the ability to adapt to versatile situations. Being able to successfully handle change is a great trait.
  10. Emotional Maturity – Athletes must possess a special level of emotional maturity to be able to handle the multiple things that go on their lives. Maturity is always sexy.

But yea, muscles. Super attractive.

Relatable: Paramore’s “Still Into You”

Let me just start off by saying that this is an absolutely beautiful song. It’s so upbeat and playful and happy; it can easily make anyone smile.

The song is about still loving someone even after being together for a very long time. No matter the ups and downs and how difficult some times may get, you’re still into that person. You know they’re worth sticking around for. They can can make you upset and drive you near insanity at times but when you’re close together and hold hands it doesn’t even matter.

It’s the type of love where people wonder how in the world you managed to stay together for so long, but you don’t even have to question it because you just know you were meant to be together.

It’s wonderful to still be able to  get butterflies from seeing someone that you’ve been with for such a long time. The fact that that spark has not left is a true testament to how into that person you actually are. The song mentions the start to forever, so for someone to be thinking about a future with someone else is a very big deal in a relationship.

I love this song because it applies so much to real life. I have seen many relationships where to the naked eye it seems like they just argue all the time or something of the sort, but the trained eye can see that they do not want to have a world without each other.

Unrequited Love

unrequited love

To be in love someone has to be the most beautiful thing in the universe. It is wonderful to care for someone in such a way that you are totally devoted to them. You are willing to do anything and everything for them. You put yourself second to put their happiness first.

But many times that someone does not feel the same way about you as you feel about them. They may care about you and love you but not be in love with you. They do not share the same deep feelings that you do. They are not willing to sacrifice like you are.

But your love for this person is so true that you cannot see through that. All you care about is being with that person no matter what because you know that their company is what keeps you smiling. Yet they may just be with you because they got comfortable with you or like the idea of having you around.

Relationships are never really even. There is always going to be one person who cares more and is more devoted. But what about when you are devoted completely and you can’t tell the other person isn’t putting in as much effort; then you suddenly get hit with a break up or a distancing. That hurts.

Seeing the person you care about so deeply and love unconditionally walk away is heart breaking. It’s earth shattering. It changes everything.

But you still can’t change the way you feel about them. You want to be next to them with every fiber of your being. You want to be the one to make them smile and see them laugh. You want to be there for every important moment. But you can’t; they just denied you that right.