Dear Diary: A Continuous Short Story (Part 4)

Day 4:

Jake woke me up with breakfast this morning. Very fitting after what happened last night….

I caved. I couldn’t handle sleeping next to this gorgeous man every night without wanting to jump on him. And I have to say, his stamina was impressive. I woke up thoroughly pleased with the situation and the fact that he made me breakfast let me know he enjoyed it as much as I did. But let’s not dwell on that. As much as I would love to mention all of the sexy details, I won’t. I’ll just sum it up by saying that I was used and abused in the best way possible.

Anyway… Today was fairly interesting. Jake and I took a drive to town and went food shopping together. We ran into a few girls he knew and they stared me down so hard that it just made me laugh. Jake asked me why I was laughing and I said nothing. I was going to keep my little joy to myself. Little did he know that I noticed everything. He only said hello to them while never leaving my side which made them walk away with what I assume could only be a feeling of awkwardness.

Food shopping was a lot more adorable than I expected. Jake was being a total cutie. He told me to get whatever I want and always asked my opinion on what to get. Luckily, we like a lot of the same stuff. As I pushed our shopping cart he would randomly walk up and hug me from behind and nuzzle my neck ever so slightly. I could get used to that. I made sure to grab some wine so that we could wind down at the end of the day and have a relaxing night together.

After our trip to the store Jake suggested we go lay out by the pool again. I had no objections. I put on my leopard print bikini with the bandeau top and we were out the door. The pool was great. I laid out on my stomach soaking up some rays and I could feel the stares on me again. But this time there was a more powerful stare. It was Jake’s. He was staring at me with a sort of admiration. I turned my head and smiled to myself knowing that he really was mine.

As the day went on I ended up laying on the same beach chair as Jake. He was honestly so comfortable to lay on. Our bodies just sort of fit together. As we were laying there together I pulled out my phone and started taking some selfies. His smile was adorable through the camera. He seemed so happy and so did I. As we switched poses and made cute and silly faces at the camera I could feel all eyes on us. Some girl even sarcastically said “aaaawwww” to which we paid no attention. He seemed to only have eyes for me. Perfect.

But the day was not over yet. What happened tonight is definitely something that I am going to remember. But that will be a story for another time my dear diary.

Dear Diary: A Continuous Short Story (Part 3)

Day 3:
Last night was exactly what I wanted. Jake took me to a party with all his friends. I wore a bright floral, high waisted, mini skirt with a loose lace crop top and let’s not forget the killer white heels. Even in 5 1/2 inch heels Jake was still like half a foot taller than me. Perfect. He wore a white button down with some tattered jeans and some crisp white chucks. He looked scrumptious.

Every girl looked at him when he walked in, but he was with me so they were weary to approach him at first. I told him to go off and mingle as I sat on a comfy leather couch to observe the scene. The music was blasting and there was alcohol everywhere. Bodies grinding against each other and the smell of happy sweat filled the air.

As I observed my surroundings I could see groups of girls whispering to one another while they shot looks at me. Luckily Jake came to my rescue. He offered me his hand as a reggae song came on. I happily took his hand and joined him on the dance floor. We started off with a little two step and then some slow grinding. Our bodies moved in unison as I turned my back to him and we swayed to the music. We were a sexy sight.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself until the song finished and I was stolen from him by another male. Girls jumped at the chance to flock to Jake. It was an entertaining sight to see how coveted he was. I decided to give this guy the best dance of his life. Our bodies slid up and down together following the bass of the beat. Before I knew it Jake was by my side pulling me towards him for another song. I couldn’t help but notice all the dirty looks I got from the girls at the party. For whatever reason, that made me smile.

They were all giving him attention while he was giving his attention to me. Perfect. We continued to dance the night away enjoying each other. We clearly had to be the most attractive looking pair there. I mean there were some very pretty girls there with beautiful blonde hair, but they did not dress to impress. And with Jake as my accessory there was no way anyone could look better. The kid was gorgeous with a strong jaw and natural curls to die for. And his complexion was a mix of ivory and caramel. So sexy.

I was happy to have gotten some dancing in last night and was hoping to hear Jake’s friends’ comments from him later. Upon awakening today and making some breakfast together he told me, ” you made quite an impression last night.”
I innocently asked, “whatever do you mean?”
He replied, “you had all eyes on you. Every guy in the room was eating you up with their eyes, especially with the way you dance.” He looked at me with a sly smile as he said the last part.

It’s official, Jake had cracked a smile out of me.

My visit so far is going great. I’m learning to love the stares but I have to learn how to acknowledge the girls instead of averting my eyes. I still have some work to do if I want to really be hated. Why be hated? Because I’m always too damn nice and it ends up screwing me over most of the time; so I have to learn how to be tough and disregard others to an extent. Let’s see how the rest of this trip helps my quest.

I must admit that I’m a little afraid of what might happen, but I’m actually more excited for the experience my dear diary.

Dear Diary: A Continuous Short Story (Part 2)

Day 2:
So last night was not like I expected. It was the night of Friday the 13th and there just so happened to be a full moon out. I expected everyone to be out. I expected some craziness to ensue. I expected to get into some trouble; some good trouble.

But no. There was nothing going on. Everyone was sleeping. Like seriously? Sleeping? It was a Friday night for crying out loud! I had on a skin tight navy blue mini dress with white sailor stripes and some white wedges. I was dressed to impress and ready to go. *Sigh* what a waste of an outfit.

The only good part is that I was received very kindly by Jake, my host throughout my trip, and he was practically salivating at my outfit. At least I impressed one person. I wasn’t ready to claim him yet but the unspoken fact is that he was already mine. He tried to kiss me a few times but it was only the first night so I was not having any of that. I need to leave my options open. Who knows what I’ll find down here.

As for today, I definitely got to turn some heads. I felt eyes peering at me from every direction at the pool. If looks could kill. I could tell I was something of a rare occurrence there. Long black hair and an hourglass figure in a playful blue bikini. And then walking in with Jake next to me just made things worse. Everyone knew his name. Every girl stared at his perfectly chiseled abs and manly stature. He commanded attention when he walked in. I liked that.

As the day went on and I caught some much needed sun rays I could not help but feel all the eyes fixed on me. They stared when I applied tanning oil to my legs. They stared while I rubbed it into my stomach and my chest. They stared even harder when Jake helped me oil up my back. And then I just laid there like nothing was going on, but I knew they were staring. Time for the next phase of the plan. Jake was already laying next to me, so I just slid over to his beach chair and laid with him. If there weren’t eyes on me before there definitely were now.

And you know what I did? I kissed him. Yup, in front of everyone. In front of his guy friends, in front of the girls; everyone. This random girl who they’d never seen before just kissed one of the most coveted males around, in public. The best part, he held my head and kissed back. I wasn’t going to give the whole pool a spectacle so I just laid on him again with a smile planted firmly on my face.

Let the hate begin my dear diary.

Dear Diary: A Continuous Short Story (Part1)

Day 1:
I was on my way. I couldn’t help but be excited. I was going to step into enemy territory proudly representing where I came from, ready to take the heat. I wanted them to dislike me. No, I wanted them to hate me. Why? Because it’s always fun to have people look at you the wrong way and you just kill them with kindness. But this time I may not be so kind.

Oh who am I kidding? I’m like the nicest person ever. I have a heart too big for my own good. I’m loyal to a fault *sigh*. Curse my good nature. I need to learn to be mean. I need to learn to disregard other people’s feelings. I need to put myself first. Learn how to do what I want and not care what others may say or think about me.

It’s not like their thoughts of me really concern me or affect me, it’s just that I’m too civil to not pay attention to their feelings towards me. I was raised too well. Thanks mom.

But anyways, I’m currently on the bus on my way there and I can’t hide the excitement. I planned to sleep throughout the trip but that seems unlikely. I’m too eager to claim what’s mine. I’m going to walk around like I own the place but still like I’m walking on shells because I really don’t know what I’m getting myself into. Anything could happen.

This is definitely going to be a fun experience my dear diary.