Relatable: Paramore’s “Still Into You”

Let me just start off by saying that this is an absolutely beautiful song. It’s so upbeat and playful and happy; it can easily make anyone smile.

The song is about still loving someone even after being together for a very long time. No matter the ups and downs and how difficult some times may get, you’re still into that person. You know they’re worth sticking around for. They can can make you upset and drive you near insanity at times but when you’re close together and hold hands it doesn’t even matter.

It’s the type of love where people wonder how in the world you managed to stay together for so long, but you don’t even have to question it because you just know you were meant to be together.

It’s wonderful to still be able to  get butterflies from seeing someone that you’ve been with for such a long time. The fact that that spark has not left is a true testament to how into that person you actually are. The song mentions the start to forever, so for someone to be thinking about a future with someone else is a very big deal in a relationship.

I love this song because it applies so much to real life. I have seen many relationships where to the naked eye it seems like they just argue all the time or something of the sort, but the trained eye can see that they do not want to have a world without each other.


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